The WZ Difference

Accounting firms are about the numbers, financial statements, tax filings… it’s true. WZ is also about the numbers. That’s where most accounting firms end. For WZ, it’s just the beginning!WZ accounts for the numbers with expertise, accuracy, timeliness and responsiveness. We focus on the issues the numbers point to, but don’t always fully reveal. Issues such as:

  • Emerging Tax Liabilities
  • Inordinate or Excessive Risk
  • Negative Expense Trends
  • Improving Cash Flow
  • Inventory Management Issues
  • Inconsistent Sales Growth
  • Management Team Performance
  • Succession Planning
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Weaknesses in Distribution
  • Product Development Issues
  • Sustainability of Growth
  • Merger & Acquisition Issues and Decisions
  • Exit Strategies

You might ask why an accounting firm would address these issues. The answer is simple. These issues shape and are shaped by the numbers. These issues and issues like them are what ‘Accounting Beyond the Numbers’ is all about.

Here’s a disconcerting and revealing reality. Your accounting firm could be doing your basic accounting work in a timely and accurate manner but failing to focus your attention on any of the issues like those above. The issues above and those like them define the broad ‘Accounting Beyond the Numbers’ scope of the WZ relationship.

What’s on your list of business concerns? What should be on your list? At WZ we see our role as helping you to build your list of challenges and then to help you manage and meet them. That’s the WZ difference!

“Based on recommendations from our prior accountant, we did certain filings and subsequently we were fined by the IRS in the amount of $10,000…. We then retained WZ. Vince dictated to us word for word the letter we needed to send the IRS. We did as directed and subsequently the IRS waived the fine in its entirety. We were ecstatic!

WZ sets their clients up with a team of associates. They are always available to answer calls or emails, and ultimately we feel secure knowing that they are protecting our interests.

We can’t afford not to have WZ on our team!”

– Krista Testani, Principal
Future Visions Properties, LLC

“We’re always looking beyond the task at hand in order to understand its implications. We always want to know and communicate how our clients will be impacted.”

– John Antinore, Partner