Who Is the WZ Client

We want to understand you and your business not just your numbers. Some clients value that philosophy and perspective, other don’t. The WZ client does!

The WZ client is looking for a firm that understands and effectively executes against a broad array of challenges, risks and opportunities. Our client wants to collaborate with a firm that embraces the consummate challenge of ‘Accounting Beyond the Numbers’.

The Day to Day, Service Expectations of the WZ Client

  • Recognizes how crucial accuracy, timeliness and responsiveness are, but wants more…
  • Desires an active, energetic collaboration
  • Desires engagement from all levels of an accounting practice
  • Looks for and values good advice & counsel
  • Desires a proactive planning oriented approach to tax management
  • Values Initiative

The Strategic Expectations of the Core WZ Client

  • Wants to collaborate with not just “use” an accounting firm
  • Sees an accounting relationship as a generator and protector of wealth, not just a cost
  • Understands the wealth building power of financial discipline, management and planning
  • Sees accounting as a discipline with many aspects and dimensions
  • Appreciates clear and thoughtful communication on difficult and at times abstract issues
  • Desires a forward looking approach that sees opportunity and anticipates risk and liabilities
  • Desires an accounting partner that understands their business not just their numbers
  • Believes an accounting firm can make a real difference

“In an ‘accounting relationship’ you can’t separate the relationship from the accounting.”

– Vince Preto, Partner

“WZ is an important part of our team. We consider WZ part of our decision making process when doing strategic planning. Our partner in charge treats us as more than “just another client”, and he truly takes an interest in our business and our results… Their staff is both professional and knowledgeable – and very responsive!”

– Alan I. Zack, President
Alliance Brokerage Corp.

Do you see yourself reflected in the profile above? If more than a few of the desires above reflect what you’re looking for in an accounting firm, we should talk. No accounting firm is exactly right for every client. WZ is no exception.

We welcome a robust dialogue on your needs and objectives. Together we can discover if collaboration makes sense.