Our Approach to Fees

“WZ sees fees as client investments. Investment dividends come in the form of added value and the generation of wealth.”

– Kelly Schmidt, CPA

We don’t like the word “fee”. It’s not because we’re uncomfortable with being a for profit enterprise. It’s because a fee is suggestive of a cost, not a value  investment. Our view of a client relationship and its financial dynamics is shaped by the belief that an investment is being made and a return on that investment should be delivered.

Any discussion of the investment required to initiate our relationship should begin with the subject of value. We develop a sound value proposition by understanding your current circumstances, your needs and challenges and of course your personal, business and financial goals and aspirations.

Once we have a shared vision on these issues the investment required to successfully meet your needs and challenges can be quantified, at that point, either the investment will make sense to you or it won’t.

Needless to say, this process requires fact finding, exploration and conversation. Whatever its outcome, we welcome the conversation.